Sustainable mobility

Technologies for mobility, safety of means of transport and intelligent and eco-friendly transport

The origins of globalisation are to be found in the possibility to exchange information, resources and objects all over the world. If, thanks to the internet, the exchange of data and economic resources has become incredibly simple and fast, the exchange of goods is connected with means of transport. The latter,of course, have a cost, also in terms of time, which may be considerable. To improve means of transport and make them faster is bound to affect a firm’s budget. The development of mobility technologies is therefore necessary; technologies which are to be not so much powerful but intelligent and able to connect different means and ways and, not least, sustainability.                  A powerful car which remains stuck in a traffic jam or unable to find a parking space is pointless.

In this context the “Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi” is concerned with the design, production and management sector of mobility, but also with the search for materials and devices to be installed in the means of transport in order to make transport “smart” and safer. Intergrated systems which may identify automatically shorter and easier routes depending on the type of goods which are transported or sensors which may decongest the traffic by processing and communicating data to vehicles. Other possible implementation sectors may be to improve itineraries of public means of transport through hardware which may detect the flow of traffic,users or any issue during a route (temporary or permanent obstacles,etc) for which ordinary apps would not be enough and for which microelettronic systems are required which may constantly exchange data with the surrounding environment and with other systems and subsequently process them in order to supply simple and practical solutions to drivers or complex and long-term ones to those who need to make a decision.


Energetic research

Sviluppo di componenti tecnologiche per applicazioni affidabili, efficienti e convenienti