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Progettazione e sviluppo di componenti e processi per sistemi “smart disposable”


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The main objective of PLAST_ICs project is to design and developt Electronics on Plastics for «Smart Disposable» Systems.
In particularly, expected outcomes are in the following branch:

New Sensors Technologies:

  • Thermal Sensors (e.g. printed thermistors)
  • Mechanical Sensors (1.strain gauge, 2.pressure, 3.vibrations)
  • Amperometric biosensors
  • Electronic Sensors (e.g. BioFET, Gas sensors)

Hybrid Electronics Integration:

  • Organic CMOS

  • ASIC Design and development

  • Flexible Silicon Integrated Circuits

System Applications:

  • Smart e-patch on body

  • Environmental sensors

  • Distributed Sensor networks