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Nota Biografica


Education and Medical Activity 

1968 “Garibaldi” Grammar School, Palermo
High School Diploma
1968 University of Palermo
Enrolment at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
1973 Medicine Clinic of Lugano
Scholarship for the University of Lugano (Switzerland) Attending the Medical Clinic
Division headed by Prof. T. Moccetti
1975 University of Palermo
Degree in Medicine and Surgery Mark: 110/110 with honors
1976 Civico Hospital, Palermo. Practical hospital training Hospital practical trainee at the
Cardiology Division of Civico e Benfratelli Hospital in Palermo;
1976-1979 University of Palermo: Specialty in Diseases of the Cardiovascular system
Specialty diploma achieved on 10/11/1979, with the mark: 50/50 with honors,
discussing a thesis on: “Electrical complications during Acute Myocardial
1976-1978 Civico Hospital Palermo
Voluntary Hospital Training at the Cardiology Division of Civico Hospital Trainee
in haemodynamics with Dr. A. Di Gaetano. He also dealt with the management of
the Coronary ICU
1978-1979 Ospedale Civile of Udine: Fellow at the Cardiology Division of Ospedale
Civile of Udine, headed by Prof. G. A. Feruglio He attended that Division daily,
working in the cardiology ICU Professional activity
1978-1979 Ospedale Civile of Palmanova (Udine)
Hospital Assistant at the Cardiology Division of Palmanova headed by dr. Flavio
Pidutti. He dealt with the diagnostic and healthcare activities of the Division
1979-2001 Civico Hospital of Palermo: Cardiologist at the Cardiology Division of Civico
• He started as Assistant Cardiologist, then Hospital Assistant (Aiuto
Ospedaliero), then module B1 holder as in charge of the Cardiology ICU. In that
position, he was given the assignment to design and implement an intensive
area for the optimal management of refractory congestive heart failure, with the
indication to heart transplant. He was also assigned the task to collaborate for the
implementation of the heart and lung transplantation program of the Istituto
Mediterraneo per i Trapianti e Terapie ad Alta Specializzazione (ISMETT). He
dealt with the follow up of patients transplanted at other institutes and resident in
Palermo. He managed the Cardiology ICU, admitting about 700 acute coronary
patients per year. He has set up a facility that allows an ‘aggressive’ approach
against acute myocardial infarction (haemodynamic monitoring, fibrinolysis,
primary angioplasty). The Center he coordinated took part in the GISSI
Epidemiological studies, organized by the “Mario Negri” Research Institute of
Milan and by the Italian Association of Hospital Cardiologists, ranking among
the first four national Cardiology facilities as to number of patients enrolled and
to quality of care.
Member of the investigating commissions or of the Scientific Committee of
several Trials:
• Member of the ANMCO Working group on Epidemiology of evitable delay
• Member of the ANMCO Scientific Committee of Gissi-Prevenzione Trial: The
Lancet August 1999, 354, 9177, pp. 447-455: Dietary supplementation with n-3
polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E after myocardial infarction: results of
the GISSI-Prevenzione trial • Member of the GISSI-2 Investigators: The Lancet
July 1990, 336, pp.65-71:
GISSI-2: A factorial randomized trial of alteplase versus streptokinase
andheparin versus no heparin among 12490 patients with acute myocardial
• Member of the Investigating Commission on the use of the GISSI database for
highlighting electrocardiography markers related to prognosis • Designer and
organizer of the STEPS epidemiological study (Study of Precoronary times in
Sicily) 1991-1992. It is an observational multicentric study (17 Sicilian
Coronary Units), to survey the admission and intervention times during an Acute
Myocardial Infarction in the Region of Sicily. One thousand and ninety-four
patients were enrolled in one year; the epidemiology of events, the procedures
adopted to achieve the therapeutic goal, and the types of treatment administered
were studied. The study created a regional geographical map of the “pathways”
to reach the Centers of Reference and the typology of treatment provided. It
represented a regional instrument for planning the location of the Centers over
the territory of the Region. The database was centralized (Division of
Cardiology at Civico Hospital); the person above had created the software for
processing and analyzing data.
1984-1985 Hopital Cardiovasculaire Louis Pradel of Lyon (France) : He carried out his
activity at the Unit headed by Prof. Jaques Delaye. He dealt with the cardiology ICU,
heart transplantology and invasive diagnostics. He performed right and left
catheterization tests for the diagnosis of valve, myocardial, and congenital and
coronary diseases. During that period he performed 150 coronary arteriograms all by
2000-2003 IsMeTT – Civico Palermo: Secondment to Istituto Mediterraneo Trapianti:
Since May 1st, 2000 he has been seconded to the Istituto Mediterraneo per i
Trapianti and in charge of the Cardiology Service.
In this position, he has dealt with the cardiology work-up and follow-up of
liver and kidney transplant patients and for high surgery procedures.
Furthermore, also kidney and lung recipients from other facilities have been
followed up.
2004- 2016 May ISMETT – Palermo: Chief of Cardiology Service on IsMeTT. He has put
in place the program of Heart Transplantation, Mechanical Assist Devices and
clinical and interventional cardiology
2016 June – now. Consultant of UPMC Italy. Vice President of IRCCS-ISMETT Ethics
Commettee (untill April 2017). Coordinator of IRRB (Institutional Research
Reviewers Board)
-Author of the chapter “La Chirurgia dei Vizi Valvolari” in the Treatise: “MEDICINA
CLINICA Diagnostica e Terapia” Volume VI, pagg. 277-302, 1991 C.G.Edizioni
Medico Scientifiche.
-Author of the chapters on “Edema” and “Dispnea” in the “Trattato di Cardiologia”,
three volumes , Vol I , pagg. 241-250, 2000 published by
Excerpta Medica
-Author of the chapters “Richiami di Fisiologia”, ”Farmaci antiaritmici”, “Nitroderivati”,
“Anestesia” in the Volume: Farmaci cardiovascolari ed Anestesia, 1988 published by
Centro Studi S. Giovanni Di Dio, Roma
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systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies. Eur J Heart
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function in heart transplant recipients? A two-dimensional speckle-tracking
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– Raffa GM, Wu B, Pasta S, Morsolini M, Bellavia D, Romano G, Falletta C,
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their ascending aortic aneurysm. Int J Cardiol. 2016 Mar 1;206:97-100. doi:
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stress and cardiac function in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy. Proc Inst
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Functional Myocardial Adaptations in Healthy Living Kidney Donors: A Pilot
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possible relationship with clinical outcome. Eur J Intern Med. 2015 Oct 29.
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Biomechanical implications of excessive endograft protrusion into the aortic
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ABSTRACTS (last three years)
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Population Characteristics Of A Sicilian Heart Trasplant Center: Saudi International
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Clemenza: Fibrinolisi endoventricolare in un caso di trombosi di assistenza ventricolare
sinistra. 73° CONGRESSO NAZIONALE della Società Italiana di Cardiologia Roma, 15
– 17 dicembre 2012
-C. Scardulla MD, S. Pasta PhD: Valutazione Biomeccanica dell’Aneurisma dell’aorta
ascendente. Invited lecture Politecnico Mox di Milano 11, marzo 2014
-C.Scardulla: Attività cliniche del Dipartimento Cardiotoracico: risultati, piano di
miglioramento e obiettivi 2015, ISMETT Nov 14, 2014
-C.Scardulla: Il trattamento conservativo. Workshop su Trattamento degli Aneurismi
dell’Aorta Toracica, Palazzo Branciforte Palermo, Oct 24,2014
-C.Scardulla : Healing and regenerating broken hearts: special forces for new battles.
Congresso Nazionale della Società Italiana di Chimica per l’Ingegneria. Favignana,
giugno 13,2013
-C.Scardulla: Bridge over trouble waters. Connecting doctors and enginneers.
Presentazione del Master in Biotecnologia, Facoltà di Ingegneria, Aula Magna, Palermo
-C.Scardulla: La Comunicazione nelle Procedure Interventistiche: Un Approccio Spesso
Carente. Congresso Regionale Associazione Italiana di Aritmologia e
Cardiostimolazione, Palermo, 09-09-2013
-C.Scardulla: E’ possibile migliorare la funzione sistolica depressa? Approccio
mulidisciplinare allo scompenso cardiaco. Febbraio 2013, Mondello (Palermo)
-C.Scardulla: “Pre-operative cardiac risk assessment in non-cardiac surgery” . 3°
Mediterranean Transplantation Aneasthesiology and Symulation Simposium , Palermo
April 2013
-C.Scardulla: Mechanisms underlying onset and progression of cachexia . Congress on
Cachexia. ISMETT Palermo . Luglio 2012
-C.Scardulla : Computational models used to describe complex phenomena in medicine:
A new approach to medical research (Part. I). Lecture in ISMETT Inaugurazione Master
di bioingegneria – Università di Palermo – 22 Sept. 2012
-C.Scardulla : Computational models used to describe complex phenomena in medicine:
A new approach to medical research (Part. II). Lecture in Università degli Studi Di
Palermo. Facoltà di Ingegneria. Aula Capitò. Invited Lecture. 22 Oct. 2012
-C.Scardulla: Diagnosi dell’ipertensione Polmonare. Workshop internazionale Castello
Utveggio-Cerisdi: Ipertensione polmonare nelle pneumopatie vascolari e parenchimali.
30 Nov.-2012 Palermo
-C. Scardulla: Le insufficienze terminali d’organo. Congresso INPS “Oltre il Trapianto
d’Organo”. Palermo, Hotel San Paolo 26 Sept. 2012
-C. Scardulla: Le procedure mini-invasive. Congresso INPS “Oltre il Trapianto
d’Organo”. Palermo, Hotel San Paolo 27 Sept. 2012
-C.Scardulla: Presentazione di un programma di ricerca sull’apparato cardiovascolare.
Lecture, Ismett. sept 21,2012
-C.Scardulla: La cachessia nello scompenso cardiac avanzato . VII Congresso
Approccio Multidisciplinare allo Scompenso Cardiaco, Mondello (PA) Palace Hotel 11-
-C.Scardulla : Trapianto Cardiaco: Epidemiologia descrittiva di una Popolazione
sottoposta a Trapianto Cardiaco in Sicilia Occidentale. Particolarità dell’ Area
geografica in esame. Congresso: I primi 40 anni di Cardiologia a Catania, Catania 28-
-C.Scardulla: Epidemiologia descrittiva di una Popolazione sottoposta a Trapianto
Cardiaco in Sicilia Occidentale. Congresso di Cardiologia Interventistica, 28-29 maggio
2009. Sciacca (AG)
-C.Scardulla: Hypertensive emergencies . ISMETT Lecture 2009
-C. Scardulla: Il Trapianto Cardiaco nel Mondo Reale. Congresso di Emodinamica e
Cardiologia Interventistica, Sciacca (AG) 2008
-C.Scardulla: Cell Transplantation Therapy for Heart Failure. New Frontiers in Cellbased
Research and Therapy at ISMETT, ISMETT, May 30, 2007
-C.Scardulla: Myocardial Infarction. Lecture, ISMETT 2007
-C.Scardulla: Pesce azzurro, olio di pesce, cuore. CNR Palermo. Invited Lecture, 2008
-C.Scardulla: Pleiotropic Effects of Statins. ISMETT Feb 15,2007
-C.Scardulla: Ageing. ISMETT Feb. 2007
-C.Scardulla: Lo screening e l’iter diagnostico dell’ipertensione polmonare Corso
teorico-pratico avanzato – ISMETT Palermo 16 giugno 2006 ISMETT, Palermo
-C.Scardulla: La Medicina del (prossimo) futuro. ISMETT Lecture, Sept. 2005
-C.Scardulla: Programma integrato: dal territorio all’impiego delle cellule staminali.
Vent’anni di Trapianti di Cuore: Ministero della Salute – Centro Nazionale Trapianti,
Padova 14 nov. 2005
-C.Scardulla: Oltre il centesimo trapianto di cuore: obiettivi raggiunti e prospettive
future. Mondello, Palace Hotel, sabato 29 giugno 2013
Educational Activity. Institutional Mandates
He taught Cardiology at the Nursing School of USL 58 in Palermo in the following years:
1980-1981, 1981-1982, 1982-1983
He realized several interactive CD on Cardiology arguments to improve the IsMeTT
Educational Program.
Member of the D.A. 8050 Commission of 10/18/93, set up for assessing Cardiosurgical
activity in Sicily.
Research activity
-Study on the Transplant of progenitor Cells from the autologous bone marrow in
Advances Heart Failure – Protocol Approved from Ethical Committee il 14/06/2005 Pr.
-Bioreactors for Human Bone Marrow cells Long Term Cultures. Approved by
IsMeTT Eth. Committee on 2006, December
-Effects of statins on islet transplantation in mices with diabetes II (2007)
-Effects on diastolic function of cirrhotic patients proposed for TIPS procedure and
submitted to a fluid loading test (2007)
-HF-HM project: Heart Failure Home Monitoring (System for the Prevention of
Hospitalization) 2010
-CoMe bac project: Approccio fisiopatologico e traslazionale alla insufficienza terminale
d’organo. Costituzione e Management di una banca biologica e progetto pilota su
cachessia nella insufficienza cardiaca grave.(ISMETT in Cooperation with Istituto Mario
Negri di Milano and MayoClinic Rochester) October 2011
-Hemodynamic and Biomarkers for Clinical Risk Stratification of Ascending
Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm with Bicuspic Aortic Valve” Progetto di Ricerca Finalizzata ex Artt. 12 e 12-bis del D.Lgs Nr. 502/1992 (come modificato e integrato dal
D.Lgs Nr. 229/1999) – esercizio finanziario 2011-2012 . Grant Nr. 144/GR-2011-
02348129 – Awarded
-RiVeR project (Right Ventricular Failure Risk Prediction in Patients Referred for Left
Ventricular Assist Device Implantation) . Personalised Multi-Factorial Clinical Decision
Making in Complex Surgical Interventions Horizon 2020-PHC-2015. Coordinating
-Improved Ischemic Ventricular Wall Remodeling with Bi-layer Polyurethane –
Extra Cellular Matrix Scaffolds – Programma “SIR” Decreto del 23 gennaio 2014 prot.
n. 197
Proposal number: RBSI14IB22. Member of Task : Data analysis, surgeries, assessment of
cardiovascular function, animal care, biological assay.
-Bleeding and Heartware LVAD. A collaborative project based on computational
modeling of mechanisms involved. ISMETT- RIMED- University of Palermo-
Politecnico Mox of University of Milan. (Elaboration of preliminary data).
-ANMCO – Associazione Nazionale Medici Cardiologi Ospedalieri
-ESC – European Society Of Cardiology
-Member of ISMETT Therapies and Medical Supply Committee (T&MS)
-Member of ISMETT IRRB
-Member of TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) – Civico
-Member of ISMETT-Civico Tumor Board
-Member (Vice President) of IRCCS-ISMETT Ethics Commettee
-Member of the board of Directors of Distretto Micro-Nano Tecnologico Sicilia
Academic Appointment:
-From July 1, 2014, Assistant Professor of Surgery in the School of Medicine,
Department of Surgery , University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
-December 2006-2011 : Appointed to University of Palermo, School of Medicine,
Department of Cardiology, for Heart Transplant Cardiology
-2006-2007-2009: Professor of “Biotech applications for the treatment of cardiac
diseases” On II Level Master on “Biothecnology : ricerca applicata, management ed
impresa “, (from Academic Years: 2006-2007; 2007-2008; 2008-2009; 2009-2010)