Food safety and traceability, precision agriculture, nutraceuticals and nutrigenomics

There are three great challenges in the agrifood sector at present: produce in order to satisfy the increasing need of food in the world, do so in a sustainable way and have healthy food reach our tables. In fact, if on one hand the exponential increase of the world’s population needs an effective answer in terms of agricultural production, the latter cannot exploit the planet’s resources inconsiderately, nor can it ignore the request and need of quality on behalf of the consumers. Therefore modern technologies are expected to satisfy these needs.

This is where the interest in the agricultural and agrifood sector of the”Distretto Tecnologico Sicilia Micro e Nano Sistemi” comes from; the “Distretto” may activate intervention programmes in every moment of the agrifood supply chain. First of all through research concerning innovating products and processes which may improve agricultural production and at the same time make it sustainable in terms of energy, soil and water consumption (for example precision agriculture ), but also through the development of new and more efficient methods of food preserving which may guarantee to maintain organoleptic properties and keep quality inaltered. Moreover, further attention is to be given to food traceability through systems enabling to recognise where it comes from, the raw materials used and their characteristics, in order to ensure healthy food and also the possibility to contrast fraud. High specialised technologies are also required in order to learn more about the potential benefits of food on the human body and on animals (nutraceutics) and at the same time possible ways to improve the variety of crops possibly operating on the DNA (nutrigenomics).


Elettronica su plastica applicata ai dispositivi di controllo degli alimenti