The “Distretto Micro e Nano Sistemi” aggregates local, national and international innovation systems, helping to develop the Sicilian territory. Its objective is to improve and coordinate the distinctive competences present in Sicily in order to create a rich substrate of innovation and affect the territory with different structural results in different reference application sectors.

In order to develop its mission, it follows specific strategical directives:

  • Sustainabily: the “Distretto” operates to guarantee the growth of its territory, giving priority to issues which guarantee the social, environmental and economical sustainability of its model and the correlated activities. The objective of the “Distretto” is to self-support itself without public funding.
  • Aggregation:  The “Distretto” aims at being complementary and enhancing cooperation with research and innovation institutions and the public-private laboratories present on the territory and with other Italian districts and international clusters.
  • Developing and understanding the territory: the “Distretto” operates to exploit at its best the territory in terms of competences, reference markets and industrial development. The objective is to to be part of the positive trend expressed by the Sicilian territory in terms of enterprise births.
  • Attracting talents: the “Distretto” intends to promote a “creative and fertile” concrete and virtual environment which may attract and develop the best talents, at the highest level in terms of technology, promoting cooperations and resource development.
  • Control and monitoring:  the  “Distretto” operates in a transparent way, analysing performances by fixing objectives and metric responses “ex ante” which are suitable to monitor the achieved results by the “Distretto” itself for constant improvement.
  • Operative dexterity: that is to be able to respond effectively, rapidly and flexibly to the needs of the territory, research and the business system, guaranteeing a lean structure, starting from the partners’ competences.