Advanced systems for diagnosis; predictive, regenerative and personalised medicine; biotechnological and biomedical sectors

Today’s medicine is often based on micro and nano systems. The biomedical sector and drug delivery are examples. They integrate knowledge of different sectors (engineering, biology, physics, chemistry and materials science) in order to create devices which are sometimes as small as molecules. Specifically the “Distretto” has gained deep knowledge in drug delivery, i.e that sector through which drugs are delivered via implants or the injection of tiny intelligent controlled-release systems which are able to convey medical care as far as it may be most effective, (that is in those organs or tissues which are to be treated), thus increasing the potential of existing therapies.

There is great interest today in what is known as predictive medicine,i.e that branch of medicine which investigates on fragilities or defects of healthy individuals likely to develop certain illnesses. Much work is carried out on the development of biosensors which are are increasingly able to detect nucleic acids, i.e. Dna, to carry out accurate tests, even at home, reducing at the same time costs and making for example preventive screening on a large scale possible.
Other systems instead aim at integrating all the phases of medical treatment: analysis, diagnosis, treatment and treatment effectiveness. Technologies which exploit not only micro-elettronics and nano systems, but also information technology and commonly used devices (smartphones, tablets, pc) in order to monitor patients and medical treatment constantly, even 24 hrs a day.


Plast_Ics ricerca
Elettronica su plastica applicata ai dispositivi per il monitoraggio degli alimenti

Plast_Ics formazione
Formazione di tecnologi esperti nella progettazione e modellizzazione di circuiti integrati su supporti flessibili

Hippocrates ricerca
Distretti tecnologici della Sicilia in rete per l’innovazione ed il trasferimento tecnologico

Hippocrates formazione
Formazione di tecnologi esperti in micro e nano tecnologie abilitanti nel settore dell’”healthcare”

Smart Healt 2.0
Distretti tecnologici della Sicilia in rete per l’innovazione ed il trasferimento tecnologico