The “Distretto”, as far as Nanotechnologies are concerned (i.e. the evolution of microelettronics and the heterogeneous integration of new materials ), focuses its activities on micro e nano systems which may introduce radical innovations in the following sectors: Health and Biotechnologies, Energy and Efficiency, Energy, Agrofood, Smart Cities and Communities, Sustainable Mobility, Intelligent Manufacturing, Blue Growth. Apart from research and development, the “Distretto” operates in the training field by valorizing and trying to attract talents in order to stop the so-called “brain drain” process, that is stop talents from leaving, an issue which unfortunately concerns the Convergence Regions. 

In the micro and nano systems sector, one of the main activities is to support the “absorptive capacity” process of the territory. This, in particular, means creating conditions as to valorize co-generation and transfer of scientific knowledge, so that the regional industrial system may be affected.

The “Distretto”, being a “strong reciprocator” intercepts and weaves the research and industrial supply sector together, thus combining knowledge and assets which are available on the global territory, adapting them to the local territories. It therefore promotes processes of technological cross-fertilization and convergence between different territorial, sectorial and managerial sectors and it speeds up knowledge to smaller enterprises. Combining large firms belonging to different sectors and dialogue and information sharing with smaller ones, it promotes territorial organisational routes aiming at building up know-how, cognitive capital, tension and perception of entrepreneurial desirability, generating new business initiatives, promoting the start-up of new enterprises and contributing to the definition of business model centred on more intelligent manufacturing.