Paolo Bertoli
Ruolo: Sindaco Effettivo
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Nota Biografica

Member of the scientific Committee RSM S.p.A.
Office: Roma

Paolo is currently Member of the scientific Committee RSM S.p.A.
Paolo has been a partner of RSM Spa with responsibility for coordinating the CFO Practice
Paolo is chairman of the Advisory Council of ANDAF (the association of Italian CFOs).
In his work experience he has gained significant expertise in corporate governance, auditing
(internal & external), accounting, compliance, risk management, industrial, insurance, banking and
financial companies.
For over 13 years he was General Manager of a banking group listed on the Italian Stock
Exchange and for 5 years he was the CEO of an industrial group operating in the mineral water
In the first 15 years of his career he gained experience in internal & external auditing, finance &
administration, as manager, CFO and CEO for Italian and international companies operating in the
banking, insurance and industrial sectors.
Finally, he has gained specific experience as CEO in fa company specialized in family office
business (asset protection, fiduciary and trust companies).
He is a chartered accountant, officially register as a member of the Italian Statutory Auditors and
Accounting Experts and is a technical consultant to the Civil and Criminal Courts of Rome. He is
also a member of the Order of Journalists.
He is a lecturer in finance & administration and internal control systems at the second level
master's degrees held at the Pisa, and Naples (Parthenope) Universities. He teaches in the
laboratory of Accounting at the Faculty of Economics of the Ferrara University.
He has a good knowledge of French and English languages

 Member of the scientific Committee RSM S.p.A.
 Partner at RSM Società di Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile S.p.A., as CFO Practice
 Managing Director of a fiduciary , trust and auditing company, operating in the family and
fiduciary business and in the certification of economic and financial plans (project financing and
public procurement code)
 Managing Partner of Studio Bertoli & Associati

 General Manager of a banking group, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, in which he worked
for 13 years
 CEO of an industrial group operating in the mineral water industry
 Director and CFO of a financial and brokerage group
 Manager in an international auditing firm, with activities in various sectors such as insurance,
banking, industrial, manufacturing and service companies
 Senior Internal Auditor and head of general accounting for a leading Italian insurance group.
 Support and advice to senior management and control functions (internal audit, IT audit,
compliance, risk management) in Italian & international companies and groups
 Corporate governance in banks, financial intermediaries and insurance companies, supervisory
regulations of the Bank of Italy and IVASS
 Accounting and corporate control models in listed groups; SOX, model "262" and advice to the
CFO responsible for preparing the company's financial reports
 Corporate governance and organisational consultancy, process analysis and design
 Management control and business intelligence
 Extraordinary operations, restructuring, forensic support
 Italian and international (IFRS) accounting principle and annual report
 Certification of economic and financial plans (project financing)
 Assistance and consultancy in family business (M&A, family agreement and relationships
between partners, inheritance, asset protection).
 Manufacturing
 Insurance
 Food & Beverage
 Banking
 Pharmaceutical industry.