Giuseppe Arena
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Giuseppe Arena is Senior Director of R&D Technology Development, Innovation and Strategic
Partnerships at STMicroelectronics, driving the development of new power semiconductors
technologies and products, including the introduction of new wide-band-gap materials,
breakthrough technologies and overseeing the new structures demonstration and the
evaluation of new equipment for semiconductors processing supporting market and
customers’ needs and implementing innovative solution at industrial level.
Giuseppe is also responsible for new partnerships establishment with external stakeholders,
including key-customers, suppliers, Research Institutes and University ensuring the
technological product roadmaps implementation.
Giuseppe started his professional career at Consorzio Catania Ricerche in 1991 as Material
Science researcher. In 1994 he served as process engineer at Co.Ri.M.Me, a consortium
between SGS-Thompson (a predecessor of STMicroelectronics) and Catania University. In 1996
he was hired by STMicroelectronics covering several technical and managerial roles in R&D in
different process areas for semiconductors development, industrialization, and manufacturing.
In more than 27 years, he gained solid competence in the semiconductor industry sector with a
specific background in management for innovation and new products development.
In his current role Giuseppe, on top of previous industrial activities, is involved in several
collateral scientific and technological initiatives:
• Starting from the 2nd semester of Academic Year 2021-2022 Giuseppe is invited
professor in the subject “chemical-physical methodologies for nanostructure
fabrication” in the MSc degree program in Chemistry at Catania University.
• Since 2022 he is ST Reference in the Steering Committee of Chemistry Degree Program
at Catania University.
• He is a member of the Scientific Committee of “Sicilian Microelectronics and
Microsystems District”.
• Giuseppe is also involved in the delivery of technical lectures on “semiconductors
technology” to university, attending workshops and related external events.
• He was invited lecturer at the European School on Advanced Study on Nuclear
Technologies and Ionizing Radiation (Collegio Ghislieri Pavia) on Plasma Etch Processes
for Semiconductor Processing for several Academic Years.
He holds several Patents and international publications.
Giuseppe was born in Catania in 1967 and he received a degree in Chemistry in 1991 cum
laude from Catania University (Italy).